How Soup Dinners Work

At soup dinners, we celebrate the innovative work of teachers throughout D.C.  Here is what you can expect from a dinner.

Teachers and community members bring soup, bread, and wine to share. They bring $10.00 to donate to the microgrant pot to fund a teacher’s project. 100% of donated funds to go the winning teacher; 100% of food is contributed by guests!


For the first thirty minutes, meet and mingle with members of our community. Then, grab a bowl of soup, be sure your glass is filled, and find a seat.

Each presenter will have four minutes to share his proposal. After, she can take questions from up to four audience members.

After the presentations, each guest votes for the presentation he would like to be funded. After the votes are counted, we share the winner. The presenter with the most votes takes home the night’s microgrant pot to fund her project.